Friday, August 20, 2010

Remembering my dead, planning my future

The year is rolling around again toward that great change, the high holy days in which we celebrate creation and mourn destruction. It's traditional at this time of year to visit the graves of loved ones, and if I could visit my mother's grave, I would. I can't, because there isn't one: she was cremated and her ashes scattered in the ocean. I want to eventually set up a memorial stone somewhere; my rituals help me a lot, and I need one for remembering my mother's death.

Another tradition, and one I've observed since becoming a Jew, is that of self-examination. I'll be reviewing my goals and growth over the last year and thinking about where I want to improve myself during the next year. I'll also be offering apologies to friends and family, and even acquaintances, that I may have offended since this time last year, and granting forgiveness to people who ask it of me.

I so look forward to fall. It's the season I'm at my best in every way.

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