Thursday, January 03, 2013

Links recently

Crochet a sushi or bacon-and-eggs scarf.

Think making it yourself is cool? How about a phone from your barbed wire fence?

I want to try casting my own chocolate shapes in brown sugar!

I've done a lot of sewing using my old clothes as the raw material, and here's an old sewing pattern that shows exactly how to cut out a woman's blouse and jumper from a man's shirt and an old dress.

A comment on a blog post about the problems with bras makes the most important point:
[I]t’s important to remember that a bra is like any other product of human engineering. And with all other ingenious and near-magical things mankind (and womankind) has made, somewhere along the line someone said it was too expensive to manufacture that way.

So remember. When you’re dissatisfied with the way something is made, punch an accountant.

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