Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Maybe that's enough bullets? Maybe not?

In response to a recent series of mass murders a lot of people are trying to come up with a way to reduce the risks of them happening again. There are some reasonable proposals that I, as a gun owner, would be willing to support--if I were also seeing reasonable risk assessment. But when people suggest a law barring large magazines (which carry more bullets so you can go longer without reloading), I don't see risk assessment that includes stories like this.
“The perpetrator opens that door. Of course, at that time he’s staring at her, her two children and a .38 revolver,” [Walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman] told Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh.

The woman then shot him five times, but he survived, Chapman said. He said the woman ran out of bullets but threatened to shoot the intruder if he moved.

“She’s standing over him, and she realizes she’s fired all six rounds. And the guy’s telling her to quit shooting,” Chapman said.

The woman ran to a neighbor’s home with her children. The intruder attempted to flee in his car but crashed into a wooded area and collapsed in a nearby driveway, Chapman said. [Emphasis added]
She shot him six times and he still got up, got into his car, and drove away. Yes, she ended the engagement--but only because he chose to try to get away. What if he'd chosen to press his attack? Maybe she didn't really hit him, or only gave him a flesh wound? Nope:
Slater– who was taken to the hospital with punctured lungs, a punctured liver, and a punctured stomach– has reportedly been arrested six times since 2008.
She hit center-of-mass at least a couple of times; those are serious wounds. But that clearly wasn't enough to stop him. One shot didn't stop him; six didn't stop him! If he'd decided to come after her, he might well have injured her or her kids.

This didn't take place in an instant. She heard him break in the front door and had collected her children and retreated to a crawl space.
Authorities said the woman took her twin 9-year-old children to the attic as the man broke into their house with a crowbar. He reportedly busted open the front door and gave chase when he heard the woman call out to her children.

Investigators said the man chased the family into a crawl space near the attic, and when he opened a door the mother opened fire, striking him five times.
and he tracked her down. But the police weren't there yet.
And remember this was all before police were able to respond. She had called her husband as the home invasion was taking place and he called 911.

I don't think this kind of home-invasion self defense gun use happens very often-but then, neither do mass murders. How do we decide whether the risk of mass murders is worth keeping someone like this woman from defending her life and her children's from a violent attack?

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