Sunday, August 13, 2017

Charlottesville, VA

I keep scrolling through social media and professional news outlets searching for something. I keep thinking “this has got to be the thing that tips the balance, so everyone will acknowledge the situation.” This time for sure!

And it’s not happening. It’s never going to happen. People, human beings, it is our way to justify. We justify our positions and decisions as if they had logical bases when really they are emotional reactions (fear, anger, resentment, frustration) and then we defend them because we think we are defending ourselves.

They marched and chanted "Jews will not replace us." They carried flags from a war they lost and chanted "You lost, get over it" about the 2016 presidential election. They're walking, talking cognitive dissonance.

I listen to the man saying "our purpose is to stand for our heritage [...] for our people who are being scrubbed off the planet, by marxists and leftists. I mean they're literally pulling up all our culture from the roots, I mean they're not pulling up anybody else's culture, it's specifically Southern culture, white culture, Christian culture, and they're fricking throwing it all in the trash." And I wonder how puny and threatened he feels as he marches in public, in daylight, with police protection instead of police threatening him as they would a Black Lives Matter march. And what Christians around the world who are not from the few states in the southeast of the USA think of his statement.

I listen to another man saying "I'm here because our Republican values are, number one, standing up for local white identity, our identity is under threat. Number two, the free market. Number three, killing Jews." I know some Republicans and I don't believe they agree that killing Jews is in the top three most important Republican values...but I don't see enough Republicans repudiating this statement to be sure. And I'm not sure what the relationship is between marching to protect statues of Confederate generals and killing Jews but I don't think teasing that information out of the discourse will help. And notice it's about the Jews. It's not just blacks and slavery, it's not just Muslims and terrorism, it's the Jews who are called out and mentioned.

There were also people there counter-protesting, showing that there is more to the US than these protectors of their right to kill Jews, fly the losing Confederate flag, and discriminate against others. Until one white man drove a car into the counter-protestors. He murdered one person and injured more than a dozen.

This is not a fringe movement or a few exaggerated reactions. So if you've ever said about the Holocaust how you would have fought it and hidden people or helped them escape, what are you doing now? Because we are long past the beginning. We are in it now. We are in the 1930s when so many people outside Germany justified what was happening and refused to think the worst was possible even when there was evidence. We are beyond the canary in the coal mine stage.

This is war. Which side are you on?